Who is Ileana?


Couple things to know me better


My name is Ileana Politi and I’m a Fashion Designer from Greece, with background in Architecture.

Since I can remember myself, I was intrigued by the different textures of fabrics, getting moved by the spontaneous movement of garments and always interested in ways I can combine pieces of clothing. So, changing from one field to the other came naturally to me, as I actually don’t believe these two disciplines are that different. Both of them have the ability to protect and cover the human body in many creative ways, which made it so appealing to me to discover all those possibilities.

In my projects I love experimenting with different ideas and materials, many times making my own fabrics and textures. I often draw inspiration from the simplicity of architecture, creating designs with clean and minimalistic lines. I also enjoy working within a group, as I feel that other people can inspire you, giving new perspective to things, that you may have never thought of before.

Oh! And my creative moto:
“It’s easy to follow the norm, but breaking boundaries is always more fun!”

Check my portfolio and explore all my projects to date, to travel a bit into my world!




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